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July 7, 2012
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Clockhearts - Ariane-Zelda Daclar by cateu Clockhearts - Ariane-Zelda Daclar by cateu


Ariane-Zelda Daclar

FEMALE | 19 | HEARTS | 5'7" | 125 LBS
The Grand Duchess of Warring Hearts 



- Expertise in fencing and weilding a Rapier.
- Expertise in war tactics and strategy.
- Wide knowledge of various weapons and how to use them, especially swords.


- Rapier: She carries around a personal rapier everywhere she goes, never leaving her house without it.


- Reading
- Fencing
- Peace and Quiet
- Jasmine tea
- Discussing politics
- Company


- Unnecessary fights/war
- Being ignored
- Restriction
- Belittlement
- Overly dramatic people


-Confident && Rational
Ariane has an amazing amount of confidence in herself and her abilities. Never once would she second guess herself, knowing that whatever she was doing is right and reasonable. After all, a soldier couldn't doubt themselves in a critical moment; if a decision must be made it must be made with certainty. Luckily, if ever she needed to make a decision, she would think it through over and over in her head until she was positive of her outcome. She has the smarts to back up her confidence.
-Selfless && Loyal
Ariane is very protective of her family. If anything happened to them she would risk her own life to help them out. She's also very gracious to others, spending most of her time helping out other families with their problems. She always had this instinct to protect those who needed help and as a duchess it was an important trait to carry. She's also very loyal, always keeping her promises and never letting out secrets of others. When she says she'll do something, she will do it, no matter how long it takes. She avoids lying at all costs.
-Naive && Brash
As a duchess, Ariane was born and raised in a luxurious life without many hardships or struggles. She was always oblivious to those in poverty or those suffering from the loss of a loved one. She knew that such dark topics existed but never really acknowledged their existence, mostly since she never came across any of them during her life. Because of this, she has a tendency to assume everyone she meets as a well off, rich aristocrat such as herself. This can clearly be seen from her bold personality and the way she holds herself. Ariane, because of her confidence, can come off as a brash person when conversing with others. Her air of superiority and ego can put off many people which tends to confuse her sometimes. Nevertheless, she ignores such reactions and continues on her merry way.
-Judgemental && Resentful
Ariane has a tendency to judge people quickly based on their appearance or attitudes. First impressions mean a lot to her as she dislikes not being able to predict what the other person may do. So, she develops a quick profile on them, which could be good or bad. Luckily, it isn't that hard to sway this duchess, as she always expects the best out of everyone. That is, unless you're a Spade or someone with a bad reputation. Ariane tends to be extra careful around those from her rival faction and usually expects the worst out of them. Because of being told over and over again that the Spades are mean and evil, she would usually make sure to keep far away from them.


Ariane was born into the royal family of Daclar, being the first born. Her father, though joyed by his first child, was disappointed that a son wasn't born. As one of the well respected Generals of the Red Army, he was looking forward to sharing his expertise and army life with a son. Still, he never failed to show affection towards Ariane, no matter how serious and cold he appeared to others. Her mother loved her even more and always told her stories about how she would be swept away by a handsome prince when she grew up. She loved these stories, even if she didn't understand them well at that age.
Four years later and they tried for a son again, this time the Daclar family bringing out twin boys. Her father was overjoyed by their luck and tended to their needs more than Ariane's as time passed by. Her younger brothers started to make her more and more distant from her father, and even though she knew it wasn't their fault, she started to grow some hatred towards them. She didn't like the distance, she always had an interest in the military and her father's work and now she could be involved in none of that. Not wanting to lose her father's affection, she took fencing lessons and became educated by private tutoring, going against her mother's advice.
For the next few years, she became isolated and concentrated on her studies, not being interested in anything but the military. She grew very far apart from her family, especially her younger siblings. Other than the casual greetings, she avoided them at all costs, holding a silent grudge. Her mother was worried about Ariane's lack of femininity and made her take Etiquette classes, along with plenty of other princess necessities. Ariane took them all without protest and passed everything with perfection but it didn't change her attitude in the slightest. Her mother kept worrying about her future, if she would find a husband who would even take her hand or not.
She kept this all a secret until she turned 17, when she was forced to tell the truth after she helped her father win a battle. She noticed his struggle with his battle and offered a solution for him to take up. It took a while for her to win him over but she managed, and they won. This impressed her father greatly and he slowly grew fond of her intelligence and dedication, soon inviting her with him whenever he needed help. Ariane was happy, she regained her father's affection and got him to accept her wishes of joining the Red Army. This bond also helped her get closer to her siblings, considering her father wanted her to help them out too. Soon, her siblings began to see her like the older sister she was and followed her around where ever she went. She didn't mind this at all, she actually loved their company. Her father helped her convince her mother on her choices, and though she was still wary, she adapted to Ariane's interest in the military.

Additional info:

- Though she belongs to the Hearts factions and is The Duchess of Warring Hearts, Ariane has no interest in the hearts symbol other than the color it comes with.
- She has many rapiers of all different shapes and sizes. A whole closet full, actually.
- She adores the color red.
- She highly dislikes it when people invade her personal space or try to touch her anywhere other than her hands.
- Is left handed.
- Paisley design:

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